S2K Gaming is recruiting CS:GO players

Sun 29th Jan 2017 - 12:12pm General

S2K intends to create several CS:GO squads.
We will be having one large Casual squad which will play publically and occasionally do some matchmaking here and there. There's no pressure here, players ain't judged for their playstyle and decisions, it's all just good fun.

We will also have several Competitive squads. These squads will focus mostly on Matchmaking and Leagues such as Faceit, CEVO, ESEA and the likes.
These squads will be created for specific MM ranks, so you'll always play with players around your own level and you won't be that silver player that has to tag along with Eagles.

Ofcourse every single squad will need a trusted, designated leader and therefor S2K is looking for players that wish to lead their competitive squad under our banner.
If interested please contact 'dfuze' directly through mail at with as much information and motivation as possible.



Marko de Jong

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